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    Prasad EBK

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Hi, I’m Prasad. I’m an SEO Engineer by profession and a consultant at my free time.  I’m here to help you with your site’s SEO. We all know, in this digital era, small businesses need SEO to be successful.

So, the questions that you should be asking yourself before you go for it.

  • What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?
  • Is it absolutely necessary?
  • Is it expensive?
  • Is it Dead as some claimed?
  • How is it done?
  • How much time will it take?

The simple answer – SEO is the way of making your website visible in major search engines for popular search queries that could drive traffic and business to your site. SEO is of high priority if you want to make your Brand/Company/Product/Service/Technology popular and to make some Money or Fame out of it.

Just Imagine if you just started some new company/website with some cool innovative stuff. Even if your website looks cool, nobody is gonna see it unless it shows up on the Search Engines when people search for the service, technology or product that you offer. This can’t be done without implementing SEO. Having said that, It doesn’t mean you can implement SEO to a poorly build, not-user-friendly, poor content website and benefit out of it. SEO is just a catalyst. If your website doesn’t follow the basic rules for giving the visitor what he/she came for in a user-friendly manner, you’re doing it wrong.

Making your website SEO-friendly is not enough though. You should parallelly focus on promoting the business on social media, PPC and display networks according to the nature of the business. Plans work differently for different businesses. For starters, you can peek into what your successful competitors are doing and try to replicate it to an extent and maybe outsmart them for success.

When talking about the expenses,  it varies according to the SEO needs. It is smart not to worry about the expenses as the end result is something huge and worthy. The only thing to worry about is the SEO firm or SEO guy that you are hiring.

Some SEO firms claim easy success and fast results in organic SEO. I must say that it's utter Bullshit. Firstly, no company or firm can guarantee your website on the first page in a short time, unless they have the direct access to the Google/Bing search algorithms even then it's just half the battle.

SEO is not dead. It's just evolving. The SEO techniques that worked in the past may not work now, The matter of fact,  it might even harm your website if you try to implement them. The search Engines updates their algorithm frequently to fetch the best relevant results for the users. The Search Engines have become smarter. They want to show the best results for queries, not the fake low-quality stuff. Now, most of the search engines are aware of the Black Hat SEO techniques that worked in the past. For example, Google introduced Panda and Penguin updates to make sure the SEO/Webmasters follow the rules while optimizing and don’t play dirty.

There is no such thing as minimum time for SEO. The results may take time depending on the competition around. In my experience, the “Improvements” will be visible within 3-6 months if done right. SEO is an ongoing process, if you stop, the competitors will run you over.

Here is the list of some Basic SEO Optimization Techniques

  • Set up Google Webmasters and Analytics Tools and check the current SEO status and room for improvement.
  • Create and Insert an XML sitemap
  • Set a preferred Domain i.e either www version or non-www version and set it right in Google Webmaster Tool
  • Setting Geographical Target
  • Meta Tag Optimization
  • Optimize Images
  • Enable Leverage Browser Caching
  • Enable G-Zip compression
  • Enable 301 Redirection for broken links
  • Specifying Canonical links if required
  • Redirect Multilingual International sites according to the country
  • When the website is optimized and made user-friendly, focus on social media and paid promotions
  • Optimized ads and campaigns will get you the right results.
SEO, It's all about playing smart rather than working hard and spending shit-loads of money for nothing"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   -- Prasad EBK